30 things I love about myself

Loving Hearts

Loving Hearts

  1. I love that my body was able to reverse the peripheral neuropathy (numbness in my hands and feet) following chemotherapy.
  2. I love that I give myself choices.
  3. I love my ability to grow hair.
  4. I love my intuition.
  5. I love my emotional sensitivity.
  6. I love my imagination.
  7. I love my creativity.
  8. I love my typing fingers.
  9. I love my ability to write.
  10. I love my interest in art.
  11. I love my ability to make amazing mutual friendships.
  12. I love my skills in balancing energy.
  13. I love my background in occupational therapy.
  14. I love my color-sightedness.
  15. I love my 2-tone right eye.
  16. I love my motherhood.
  17. I love my sense of humor.
  18. I love my resilience.
  19. I love my partnership with my sewing machine.
  20. I love my physical strength.
  21. I love my flexibility and grace.
  22. I love my morning energy and enthusiasm.
  23. I love my appreciation for beauty.
  24. I love my pleasure in reading.
  25. I love my taste buds.
  26. I love my discernment.
  27. I love my interest in learning.
  28. I love my ability to teach.
  29. I love my compassion.
  30. I love my joy.

How about you? I encourage you to list 30 things you love about yourself. And share some here if you like! This exercise came out of the Inspired Blogging group facilitated by Michele Berg.


  1. Great list! It is fun, isn’t it?
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..30 Things I Love About Myself {30 Day Self-Love Challenge}My Profile

  2. I think it would be beautiful to revisit this every week and add something to it 🙂 It’s such a great idea!

  3. Wonderful, Janet! Being full of gratitude for the wonder that we are is contagious!
    Naomi recently posted..How is humility connected to anger?My Profile

  4. I love that you see your sewing machine as your partner! What a great turnaround from seeing it as a tool. So — tell us more about this two-toned eye?

    This whole entire post made me grin. 🙂
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..I’m Stacked: 82 Library Books and Counting (a.k.a., Blame It on the Paint)My Profile

  5. What a great list Janet! I love my body. I love my creativity. I love my determination, courage, integrity, loyalty, resilience, honesty. I love my quirkiness, my smile, my brown eyes, my laugh, my love of family. That’s a good start:) Thanks for your post!
    Nancy Jambor recently posted..Why I BlogMy Profile

  6. Self love….so empowering isn’t it? It’s feels as though it’s oozing from you. 🙂

  7. I love that you did this list and I love how you said I love at the beginning of every sentence. xoxo
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Clean Eating? Not Today….My Profile

  8. Lovely post. Must be feeling good to do such an exercise. I better get down to mine:) thank you for the reminder

  9. Janet this is beautiful… and I love ALL that you represent.
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Never doubt the power of prayer!!My Profile

  10. A lovely list Janet! Celebrating you in all your wonderfulness.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..World Water Day 2015My Profile

  11. So great. You and this list.

    “What do I love about myself,” you ask? Today I love my legs and how they carry me up the mountain to be here with you.

    What amazing uplift and spirit. I wish you continued wellness, Janet. xo

  12. Hello Janet, I commented earlier on. I just wanted to leave my post on self love here for you to read. Thank you. I await your comment:)
    Hema Unnoop recently posted..30 Reasons Why I Love Myself (30 Day Self Love Challenge)My Profile

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