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White Violet in the Backyard Sanctuary

White Violet in the Backyard Sanctuary

Here are some of the  “spiritual cookies” in my life recently:

  1. We have a wonderful, wild backyard. It is wild in terms of perennials acting as though they might be welcome anywhere, weeds knowing they can get away with a few things, and carpentry and gardening projects in process. It is also wild in terms of the visitors: most recently goldfinches, chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, and butterflies. It is our sanctuary. It is semi-private. There are places to swing or rock. The sun and the green and the birdsong are glorious. Our ongoing appreciation for this space supports the concentrated healing energy of the backyard . . . last year our tomatoes grew over ten feet tall! This year we are growing Brussels sprouts for the first time, and what impressive plants they are!
  2. I appreciate a friend who is a healer, and who helped me this past week to shift away from some old limiting patterns. A couple of times this week, she called because she was thinking about me. Of course, those times were helpful times for me to connect with her.
  3. The Feeling Better classes in Woodbury have been amazing deep, healing, tearful, and joyful healing experiences. The word I’ve heard most often from participants is “profound.” And new people have felt very welcomed. We have 2 more sessions, which are open to new participants. Contact me if you’d like to join us.

How about you? What are the spiritual cookies in your life this past week? Click on the blue BLISS LIST circle in the sidebar or here to visit some cool blogs.


  1. I did enjoy your Bliss List! Yes, Brussels Sprouts are amazing plants, aren’t they? I have never been able to grow them – I think our winter is just too mild here, but I DO love to eat them – steamed with a little thyme. Arohanui, Lesley.

    • Lesley, Thank you for stopping by! I visited your website, BEAUTIFUL work, especially love your landscape beads. Would you like to help me live my dream of doing healing work around the world? See my “Gifts for You” page . . . you are eligible for 15 minutes of free healing work, as you’d be my first “heal-ee” in New Zealand.

  2. Sounds lovely and peaceful. I adore brussel sprouts much to my mans confusion, but never thought about growing them myself. Sounds like you have a slice of heaven to enjoy even if the weeds have a mind of their own.

    • It is lovely and peaceful, you are right, Meg, and today it is hot & getting hotter over the next few days! Thank you for stopping by.

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