A diagnosis = SO many decisions

Gratitude, gouache painting by Janet Hovde

Gratitude, Copyright 2013 Janet Hovde

There is SO much to think about with a new diagnosis, in my case, of breast cancer.  Here I continue to share my process, started here a few weeks ago, of capturing moments of my journey in haiku.

What works best for ME?
That’s a new question.
New practice begins.
To make decisions
“Honor yourself,” said my friend.
“And you can’t go wrong.”
To make decisions
“But what if others judge me?”
Again, honor YOUR self.
But so much thinking.
Check whose voice you are hearing.
Your own voice matters.
The cell mutation
Not dying, but your body
Improving itself.

As always, I invite you to comment and/or  to write your own haiku (3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). Also, you may use the buttons below to share this post with others. Thank you!


  1. Yes, cell mutation not dying, but healing itself. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Linda Watson recently posted..Emptied and Ready for Change.My Profile

  2. bookmarked your raw blog
    to come back to honor you
    honoring yourself

    I find your process of living with cancer–“what’s best for me”–through Haiku so inspiring and heart-opening. I think you are a tender and strong braveheart. Even if I’m not commenting, I think of you in my morning meditation.
    Susan Michael Barrett recently posted..There’s $482.46 left and I’m giving it to teachersMy Profile

    • Susan, Thanks for your haiku, your kind words, and including me in your morning meditation time. I am honored. Blessings!

  3. cancer eats the flesh
    and holds us in unknown fear
    but love conquers all

    love yourself first
    take time to rest, reflect and honor
    your resolve to keep going
    find outlets of loving kindness, courage, strength
    find givers of grace, ease and compassion
    allow yourself time to grieve, to feel, to know that
    you, only you, can decide what comes next
    choose life, choose love, choose another day
    you are so loved, so valued, so blessed
    honor yourself, love yourself… first.

    Much love, blessings and peace to you, Janet! ♥

  4. What a beautiful way to honor your journey. Love yourself first and always. Your heart knows…even when the voices in your head are telling you different. Will look forward to being here with you along the way.

    • Marcie, I’m happy to report my true voice has gained strength in this process, so it’s louder than all of the other ones. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  5. honor your self
    listen to your heart’s essence
    honor your heart’s truth
    Heather Koshiol recently posted..Meet Heart’s Path Explorer Briana GoetzenMy Profile

  6. Your own voice matters
    She is a wise friend to you
    And you are to her.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted..March Madness 2014My Profile

  7. Honor yourself – yes.
    Honor your choices and words.
    These choices grace your healing.
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..My First Bossy Little Corgi Painting (and a few thoughts on paint, fear, and control freakhood)My Profile

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