About Me

I am so grateful to have a work life that is in alignment with my deepest, most precious gifts.

I have an intuitive healing practice in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota, seeing clients in person, and also working with them via email and/or by telephone. I am also an artist, currently creating art quilts and small gouache paintings.

I have had a private healing practice since 1998, which I began while still working as an occupational therapist. I have been certified in Healing Touch since 2000. I also incorporate Chinese Energetic Medicine, guided imagery, wisdom of the body, intuitive feedback, and education into client healing sessions. I am a licensed occupational therapist with 20 years of experience in medical settings.

I have studied intuition academically as well as personally (in the independent study portion of the Human Development graduate program at St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis, MN). I have been teaching people to access their own intuition for the past 9 years, individually and in group settings. I have also taught classes about energy healing, pain relief, relaxation, art and healing, chakra care, aura care, emotional sensitivity, grief and the human energy system . . . the list goes on. See the Classes page for current class offerings.

While finishing my master’s degree, I began applying my intuition to creating art quilts–which took on a life of it’s own! Art is play for me—play with images, textures, colors, energy, healing, and intuition. In my mixed media art, I follow an internal rather than external authority. To the best of my ability, I do what my piece asks of me. I may not fully understand the choices in the moment but am often surprised by the artistic success.

As in my energy healing practice, I begin my art work by setting an intention, in this case for the greatest good for myself and future viewers of my work. I imagine that my art quilts and little paintings are infused with healing energy.

For me, art making is deep, holy work . . . and should not be taken too seriously!