Creative and Alive

Have you ever hated the process of learning something new? I prefer being good at things. But doing things “badly” might be how I eventually become effective. My newly opened Etsy shop is a case in point. I procrastinated but eventually started the process. Because I hold my breath when I am uncertain (depriving my […]

From Mountains to Molehills

I am skilled at “making mountains out of molehills.” It is the reverse with which I have needed practice. I know many of you who read this are gifted with extra emotional sensitivity. (I also know it doesn’t always feel like a gift.) So I thought I would share (again) one of my favorite tools for […]

We Are Always Manifesting

As I explored the concept of manifesting, I wondered if the dictionary has caught up to the common use of this term in my circles. The definition on that most closely matches my idea of manifestation is “to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly: He manifested his approval […]

A Bigger Picture

Thank you to all who commented on last week’s post. I would have liked to reply to all of your rich and generous comments. But I am letting go of some of my tasks, even those I like, as I rebuild and manage my energy. One woman suggested I might want to be more discerning next […]

Clearly, Successful!

I went to see a healer recently, and I am still recovering. She had comments about how I could improve on everything. With catch-22’s. For example, if I said I was weeding and biking rather than going to the gym the past few weeks, she said the gym would be better. If I said I […]

Making Chemo Work for Me

First, a thank you to those of you who are sharing these posts with others who may be in recovery from breast cancer or with those who are interested in expressive arts (fiber art, painting, poetry, etc .) and healing.   After a bilateral mastectomy, my treatment included 5 months of chemotherapy. The side effects […]

Healer Becomes Heal-ee

Love Copyright 2013, Janet Hovde On May 14, 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was followed by surgery, chemotherapy, reconstruction, occupational and physical therapy, etc. It has been a ridiculously hard process.  And I found out that I am deeply loved by so many people—who knew!  I have another surgery next week, which […]

Our cells are obedient!

I am beautiful. I am safe. I am safe. I have choices in every moment. I fully reside in my body. I am joyful. I am clear. I am carefree. I belong. Last week, I spent 3 ½ days in the Art as Journey class at Grand Marais Art Colony on the north shore of […]

New website gallery

Success! With the help of another blogger and with the help of my great photographer, I was able to add another gallery to my website. You may have seen my gallery of fiber art—now you can see a gallery of my paintings. When I paint, I first align my energy with a particular quality. And […]

Grounding your Energy, part 3 of 3

In the last 2 posts, we looked at what interferes with our ability to ground our energy and what supports this ability. Check out the comment sections—you might find some ideas that are a good fit for you. What is so important about being grounded? On a practical level, it prevents accidents. Being grounded means […]