How are you in the cosmos?

We went to a very enjoyable Gordon Bok (folk music) concert last night. We met a long-time friend there, and when we did the “how are you?” catching up, this is what he said: I used to say I have good days and bad days—ups and downs–but I decided I’m not going to do that […]

A Quick Healing Experience for You

You are invited to read my short article in the beautiful online Essential Wellness magazine, and receive insight and healing while doing so. Come back and leave me a comment about your experience if you like. Or, like some of my readers, send me a private email about your experience. Have a good week!

Transitioning into Spring

Years ago, at this time of the year, our neighbor would take his snow shovel into his north-facing (slower to melt) front yard and start spreading out the snow to make it melt faster.  It can be hard to deal with snow and cold day after day at this time of the year. On a recent trip “up […]

Making Art

Art is play for me—play with images, textures, colors, energy, healing, and intuition. It is hard for me to speak separately about my art process and my work as a healer because they are inseparable to me. This year I celebrate 15 years in my intuitive energy healing practice. My intention is that my art […]


  A photo of one of my art pieces was included in today’s Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Although the photo only appears in the paper copy, here is a link to the online article, which gives information about shows and events surrounding the 40th anniversary celebration of WARM.  I’ll share with you […]

ART HEALS exhibit starts next week

  You are invited to an art exhibit! Janet Hovde – ART HEALS – January 16 – April 14, 2013 RECEPTION: Friday, February 8, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Hudson Hospital (Medical Imaging Department) 405 Stageline Road, Hudson, WI 54016 Tours can be arranged (daytime or early evening hours) with Margaret Welshons, Healing Arts Coordinator (715.531.6059), [email protected] Please […]

Colorful – Spiritual Cookies

Every once in a while, I share my spiritual cookies with you. Today, I am SO happy to live in a world of color.  One of my current favorite things is the jumbled pile of fabric scraps in my studio, which includes a few commercial fabrics and many that I dyed myself. I’m still quite […]


I am writing the story of my own life. I don’t mean I am writing an autobiography, literally. I mean, I am the author of my life. The themes of my early chapters were heavily influenced by the voices of others. By what my parents said and did not say. By what my teachers, priests, […]


A few weeks ago, I completed a small commissioned art-healing quilt on Wednesday morning. I wanted a photo taken before I was scheduled to present the quilt to its owner on Friday. I had spoken with my photographer the previous week about this tight turnaround time to see if she could make it work with […]

I Choose

A year ago, I had two amazing experiences within 2 days. I had an astrology reading by Pat Kaluza, which was so affirming and enlightening, and filled with food for thought. The following day I met with my art mentor, a monthly event that packs in learning on so many levels: art technique, art history, […]