A diagnosis = SO many decisions

There is SO much to think about with a new diagnosis, in my case, of breast cancer.  Here I continue to share my process, started here a few weeks ago, of capturing moments of my journey in haiku. What works best for ME? That’s a new question. New practice begins.   To make decisions “Honor yourself,” […]

The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Club

Our family has a stunning prevalence of breast cancer on my mother’s side. Two of my maternal cousins, one about 5 years post-diagnosis, and one about 6 months post-diagnosis, were so helpful to me in my early days after diagnosis. One of them said, “Each step in and of itself is a huge step. The […]

More Healing through Haiku

In the last blog post, I introduced my process of recovery from breast cancer, including the writing of haiku:  Lawn care sales guy left. “I have BREAST  CANCER. I DON’T have time for this now.”   The small gown gapped eight inches In front, while hearing Plastic surgeon. Nope, not him.       My […]

Healer Becomes Heal-ee

Love Copyright 2013, Janet Hovde On May 14, 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was followed by surgery, chemotherapy, reconstruction, occupational and physical therapy, etc. It has been a ridiculously hard process.  And I found out that I am deeply loved by so many people—who knew!  I have another surgery next week, which […]