What’s so funny about having cancer?

The diagnosis of breast cancer last May brought me deeper into my body and into my present. Wide awake, I’ve been able to be an observer of myself and those who are with me in my treatment experiences. Not only is laughter good medicine, but there really is a lot of funny business in the […]

How about that!

I didn’t have to wait for My funeral to see how Deeply loved I am.   As always, I invite you to comment and/or to write your own haiku (3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) about the topic of your choice. See Healer Becomes Heal-ee for more description about my process of using this form […]

I do believe in healing after a cancer diagnosis.

At the end of the dock, Joy In her healing cloak And crown, feet giggly and wet.                         Many of you are trying haiku and then posting them here or emailing them to me. A few of you haven’t tried it yet. I encourage you to write your own haiku (pronounced Hi-coo), which is […]

I don’t believe in fighting cancer.

My body, not a war zone, But a joy garden Flowering where cancer left.   As always, I invite you to comment and/or  to write your own haiku (3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) about the topic of your choice. To see other haiku about my recovery journey, click “breast cancer” in the […]

A diagnosis = SO many decisions

There is SO much to think about with a new diagnosis, in my case, of breast cancer.  Here I continue to share my process, started here a few weeks ago, of capturing moments of my journey in haiku. What works best for ME? That’s a new question. New practice begins.   To make decisions “Honor yourself,” […]

The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Club

Our family has a stunning prevalence of breast cancer on my mother’s side. Two of my maternal cousins, one about 5 years post-diagnosis, and one about 6 months post-diagnosis, were so helpful to me in my early days after diagnosis. One of them said, “Each step in and of itself is a huge step. The […]

More Healing through Haiku

In the last blog post, I introduced my process of recovery from breast cancer, including the writing of haiku:  Lawn care sales guy left. “I have BREAST  CANCER. I DON’T have time for this now.”   The small gown gapped eight inches In front, while hearing Plastic surgeon. Nope, not him.       My […]

Healer Becomes Heal-ee

Love Copyright 2013, Janet Hovde On May 14, 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was followed by surgery, chemotherapy, reconstruction, occupational and physical therapy, etc. It has been a ridiculously hard process.  And I found out that I am deeply loved by so many people—who knew!  I have another surgery next week, which […]

Our cells are obedient!

I am beautiful. I am safe. I am safe. I have choices in every moment. I fully reside in my body. I am joyful. I am clear. I am carefree. I belong. Last week, I spent 3 ½ days in the Art as Journey class at Grand Marais Art Colony on the north shore of […]

Going with the flow

In college our Ballroom Dancing instructor taught us the “Hesitation Step,” which was a sort of shuffling back and forth to keep the flow of a dance going if you forgot a step or were in a tight corner or on a crowded dance floor. It kept you moving and prevented you from getting into […]