Choice-ful Spiritual Cookies

I’ve had a rough week . . . and a wonderful week. Sifting through the past 7 days, I’ve decided to share with you some of the bits of gold . . . which I might also call spiritual cookies. For more information about spiritual cookies, see my first, most popular blog post.  You may […]

Moving – Spiritual Cookies

Wow, I am surprised to see that it’s been almost 2 years since I shared any spiritual cookies with you in this blog. Basically, I am sharing delicious parts of my past week (or so) and inviting you to do the same. For tasty history on this, especially if you have are a fan of […]

Colorful – Spiritual Cookies

Every once in a while, I share my spiritual cookies with you. Today, I am SO happy to live in a world of color.  One of my current favorite things is the jumbled pile of fabric scraps in my studio, which includes a few commercial fabrics and many that I dyed myself. I’m still quite […]

I Choose

A year ago, I had two amazing experiences within 2 days. I had an astrology reading by Pat Kaluza, which was so affirming and enlightening, and filled with food for thought. The following day I met with my art mentor, a monthly event that packs in learning on so many levels: art technique, art history, […]

Non-Fattening – Spiritual Cookies

Guess what! My website spam filter found a how-to-lose-weight-fast email trying to sneak in—I think it may have been triggered by the word “cookies” in my blog posts. They must not know about the calorie-free spiritual cookies which I periodically share in my blog! I have so many to share this week: Cookie #1: My […]

Light-Filled – Spiritual Cookies

Today, I am sharing three of my spiritual cookies with you. Infusion of Love: I recently spent time with some of my extended family. They had expressed an interest in seeing my art quilts and in experiencing my healing work. I asked them to bring old photos from my dad’s growing-up years. We spent a […]

Italian – Spiritual Cookies

Yesterday, I went to Italy–Rome, Assisi, Florence, and Orvieto. Oh, it was so great! Well, actually, it was in March my husband and I visited our daugther in Italy. Yesterday is when I sorted the photos and put them in albums. It was like being there, almost. We saw the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the […]

Sun-warmed – Spiritual Cookies

Today, I am again sharing some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life. This week, they include: A living room full of beautiful women in a Soulful Living session. They were fine-tuning their intuition by learning to prepare their personal energy fields and by identifying how their bodies tell them “yes” and tell them “no.” […]

Cheerful – Spiritual Cookies

Periodically, I share some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life. Putting the focus on these positive experiences, I am certain, creates more positive experiences. This past week, I had a lot of them. First of all, there were LOTS of helpful people. I could grumble about the flat tire I had this week, shortly […]

Enthusiastic – Spiritual Cookies

Periodically, I share some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life: I had a “pioneer” healing session with a client last week. Oh, it was so interesting and amazing! We started with hands-on energy balancing on the massage table, and then moved up into my studio for “phase 2” of the session. I had 5 […]