Cheerful – Spiritual Cookies

Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

Periodically, I share some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life. Putting the focus on these positive experiences, I am certain, creates more positive experiences. This past week, I had a lot of them.

  1. First of all, there were LOTS of helpful people. I could grumble about the flat tire I had this week, shortly before a class I was teaching, and the cable guys’ visits (yes, more than one), etc., BUT get this: The cable guys were helpful, and I had nice personal interaction with one of them. Both of them told me about my flat tire. The car insurance folks were helpful (I had to call twice, because the dog was barking so loudly when my student came to the door to give me a ride to class.) The tire-changing guy noticed our new driveway, so I could find a big piece of plywood to put under the jack to avoid punching a hole in the soft asphalt. The phone guy was personable and present with me as I canceled my previous phone service.
  2. Our vacation fund magically grew! I have tucked away cash here and there, and there was about 5 times the amount I expected when I added it up.
  3. When two fiber artists visited, on different days, it provided me with the creative boost to clarify and start the next steps on my “pocket quilt.”
  4. My quilt-in-process with the working title “Sacred Ground” (photo above) continues to intrigue me as it keeps me company on the design wall.
  5. And I am making progress in my relationship with me boss, thank goodness!

How about you? What were the spiritual cookies in your life this past week? I’d love to hear about them.

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