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A Window of the Universe Copyright 2015 by Janet Hovde

A Window of the Universe
Copyright 2015 by Janet Hovde

I’ve had a rough week . . . and a wonderful week. Sifting through the past 7 days, I’ve decided to share with you some of the bits of gold . . . which I might also call spiritual cookies. For more information about spiritual cookies, see my first, most popular blog post.  You may have special appreciation for that first post if you are someone who feels angst about family gatherings. And if you can appreciate developing a family of choice which includes blood relatives and lots of other kinds of relationships.

Anyway, some of my spiritual cookies this week include:

  1. Successful surgery and recovery for one of my very closest loved ones.
  2. Another art mentoring appointment with a woman who knows and appreciates me on so many levels and is helping me learn the language of image, line, shape and color. Oh my goodness, it is so satisfying!
  3. Minnesota Contemporary Quilters, a vibrant group of creators with fabric. We have wonderful speakers, but it is worth going to the monthly meeting just for the “show and tell” of the members. This year I am serving as the board secretary and the Sunshine Lady. (It is the job of the Sunshine Lady to send cards to members who might like some support around illness, injury, losses, etc.) I think it’s the coolest title to be the Sunshine Lady, almost as good as being the Best Rester on a Kindergarten rug. I’m having more success as a Sunshine Lady than I did as a Best Rester.
  4. My aunt: I am anticipating a stay with her soon, a mini road trip, and a party with extended relatives. Yay!
  5. And a follow-up from last week’s post:  Someone asked what it meant that I have a “two tone right eye.” It means I am blue-eyed, except for the brown right half of my right eye. Which was embarrassing in high school biology during the study of genetics . . . and the cute boys had to look into my eyes to see why I couldn’t really raise my hand for blue eyes or for brown eyes. Such sweet suffering, no?

How about you—any spiritual cookies to share this week? Ever gotten the yellow construction paper star pinned to your shirt for being the Best Rester? Oh, I coveted that prize . . . which probably prevented me from relaxing into my rug and earning it.


  1. Love your spiritual cookie posts Janet. And yay to eye-gazing and an amazing two-toned eye. How fun! Love that you’re a Sunshine Lady – that makes me smile in delight. Fabulous art too.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..Earth Hour 2015My Profile

  2. Janet, I absolutely love this post! I’ve never heard the term “spiritual cookies” before and it’s great. So glad you are the Sunshine Lady in your quilters group, what a fun title. How wonderful to be spreading cheer and good will to those who are suffering. Love your artwork too!
    Nancy Jambor recently posted..Hiring the HeavensMy Profile

  3. What an excellent idea, ‘spiritual cookies’! Congrats on being the Sunshine Lady. It sounds like a very honorable place to be of service to others (although the Bed Rester sounds appealing as I do enjoy a good nap but don’t take the time for them).
    Elda recently posted..I Cannot Wait To NOT See You Again!My Profile

  4. i love the thought I’d “spiritual cookies” what special gems these are! and having an art Mentor- how wonderful! I would love to be able to have an art mentor to push me in the right directions. Your artwork looks fantastic too!
    Sue recently posted..Comment on Spring Forward by EldaMy Profile

  5. I’ve had a couple of good weeks at Toastmasters; I gave my Icebreaker speech, which was well-received, and this week was the Table Topics Master (asking random members questions on a theme (dating this time) so they can give short improvised answers. Toastmasters is big on the appreciation.
    SKJAM! recently posted..Book Review: The Blue Fairy BookMy Profile

  6. Who on earth would not stand in line to have the Best Rester/Sunshine Lady in their spritual circle? That is so awesome, Janet! What a fun post.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..I Ching #22: The Traps of AdornmentMy Profile

  7. Can’t say I’ve ever won an award for Best Rester! Not that I haven’t tried, though being a bit restless, it’s difficult to succeed in that category.

    Thanks for sharing about your beautiful eyes! I love the image of cute boys staring deep into your blue-brown orbs in high school. Yes, embarrassing… but maybe enticing!
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..Coming Clean: Miss Addie Had a Hairball (Plus surprising hairball facts that you never learned in Cat Parenting School)My Profile

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