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Journals in my new Etsy shop

Journals in my new Etsy shop

Have you ever hated the process of learning something new? I prefer being good at things. But doing things “badly” might be how I eventually become effective. My newly opened Etsy shop is a case in point. I procrastinated but eventually started the process. Because I hold my breath when I am uncertain (depriving my brain of much-needed oxygen), I took breaks to breathe in another room. As I did more work on the shop, I recognized steps that were similar to creating a website and blog. At last, my Etsy shop took shape and went live. It’s alive! I did it. I will learn more as I go, and I will meet amazing people through my shop. So far, my products are fabric-covered journals and hand-dyed linens, all of which are infused with specific healing energies. I expect to add a variety of other items as time goes on. You are invited to visit my shop, URExtraordinary.

In my creative life, I notice times when I need to pay attention to structures and following directions. Like clicking on categories and filling in boxes. Like learning to oil my sewing machine, and which needles work best with certain threads or fabrics. Or which ingredients are necessary for a successful fabric dyeing project. And when the structures have been addressed, I can surrender into play and wild experimentation. From the perspective of the human energy system, it is about grounding my energy to support playing safely in spiritual realms. I am so grateful for all of it.

On a different note, a friend shared a short nature meditation yesterday. If I could sing like this!

Anything you would like to share about your creative processes? Have a great week, everyone. And please, do share the link to my Etsy shop with others you think might be interested.


  1. Janet, I love your musings about structure in the creative process. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit lately — how much structure is needed to allow our brilliance to come forth.

    Speaking of structure, your Etsy shop is beautiful! I just signed in and favorited it. 🙂
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..Oh No! Another Nameless Dog! (a.k.a., Name That Pup) (A post in which I am not as wordless as I make myself out to be)My Profile

  2. Structures are the foundation of weaving, so it’s a sort of in-your-face sort of thing with me all of the time. After all of these years, though, they’ve become a safety net and much needed boundaries that gives me quite a bit of freedom. Took some time, though, for that to happen.
    Linda S Watson recently posted..Present GraceMy Profile

  3. Yay you Janet – working through the left-brain details of setting up your shop is indeed something to celebrate! And how fun to see a gathering of your energy-infused journals! I like the idea of structures as sort of the container holding your creative abandon – there’s a lovely wholeness in that.

    What a lovely video. I wish I could sing like that as well (and have such a pretty costume too)!

  4. Well done on success. For me learning something new is exciting, but at times I get annoyed by lack of patience…so congratulations to you.
    Anna recently posted..Atacameñan mythsMy Profile

  5. Congratulations Janet on your beautiful work in your Etsy shop.
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Beltane and Wesak Full Moon CeremoniesMy Profile

  6. I love this, Janet. Gorgeous. So glad that the world now gets to see your beautiful work! Thanks for sharing that bird singing video too. What a beautiful thing. I love our precious songbirds.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Friday 56: #228 – May 22, 2015My Profile

  7. I’m so excited to hear this good news, Janet! Brava!
    Naomi recently posted..Life in the fast lane – an introductionMy Profile

  8. Congratulations, Janet, on conquering and taming the left brain!!! I love your Etsy shop and have made a point of “favoriting” it. Struggling through and persevering over obstacles often offers sweet payoffs. Good on you!!!

  9. Oh I know so well….I just completed my first video. Lots and lots of ‘connecting part A to part B”! I follow directions because I must, but I constantly have to bring myself back to the task at hand. Honestly….what a process this has all been! I do so love to learn though and the pay off has been well worth the effort!

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