Does the heart need boundaries?

Heart Opening in the Garden Gate

Heart Opening in the Garden Gate

Does the heart need boundaries? This is the question that “popped in” upon my awakening today. This is one of the times of the day, and the ways, in which my intuition works. And then . . . surprise! I had an email awaiting me which gave me the opportunity to explore (ouch!) the question in real time, in real life. And I’m here to tell you, yup, my heart needs boundaries. While I would like to go to a deep authentic level in all of my relationships, some people have shown me that they are not ready for that, or not capable of that, or don’t want that. Repeatedly.

I read a book about gifted grownups once. If I’m remembering correctly, one of the things many of them had in common was an intolerance for other people’s foibles . . . because they did not recognize they themselves had an unusually high level of expertise in that area. It wasn’t that the other person was being stupid, using poor judgment, etc. It was that the other person did not have the capacity to see as big of a picture, did not have the range of skills to handle the situation in an appropriate way, or did not see the impact their words and actions might have on another. So, the gifted person was “at fault” in not recognizing their own level of giftedness, and the lack of (this particular) giftedness in the other person.

For today, my heart needs me to SEE myself clearly, to RECOGNIZE my gifts, and to gratefully open my BEST packages only in the presence of those who are interested in what is truly inside.

How about you? Does your heart need boundaries? Might you have gifts you have not fully recognized? I welcome your comments.


  1. Janet, Your post carries such a truth. I struggle with this all the time. Your writing reminded me of something I heard once. It goes something like, it is good to invite those you choose into your front yard, but one can feel safer to invite only certain ones through the door to the inside.

  2. Hi Janet-

    I’m happy I finally figured out how to subscribe to your blog–looks like you’ve been busy. I’m impressed! Eckhart Tolle’s “Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” offered a concept that I’ve found very helpful. He talks about viewing people as having “egoic limitations” rather than “faults”; that if they are behaving in a way that is difficult for us, this way of framing the issue helps us be patient with them. I agree it’s important to know where it’s safe and ok for us to be wholly ourselves–I am grateful that your living room is one of those places for me.
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