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Yellow Dahlia, copyright Janet Hovde

Yellow Dahlia, copyright Janet Hovde

Low energy? What to do?

I’ve had some challenging days this week, with significant low back discomfort.  I have more compassion for people who live with chronic pain. I am not experiencing a high level of pain, but I notice a lower energy level that accompanies the discomfort. I’ve gotten some good care for it, and will continue next week. It is getting better.

I caught myself today feeling down. I thought I needed to sit down and figure my problems out. Certainly, there may be a time and a place for that. But I chose a different approach, an approach that improves my energy level, shifts my thinking, and increases my vibration. I did a little writing, answering these questions: What is one of my favorite experiences? What do I like about it? Here are some of my writing results:

  • I love facilitating intuitive healing experiences in small groups. I’ve done this in various formats, with different titles, as a volunteer, in classrooms of nursing or massage therapy students, with a mom and her daughters (like my family reunion healing), in chronic pain support groups, etc.

Why do I love this?

  • The energy feels good.
  • It’s fun to help people.
  • It’s SO interesting.
  • I see how my painful experiences can become resources for helping others.
  •  It’s real, deep, honest, and profound.
  • I love being able to fully use and be appreciated for my gifts.
  • It’s part of my soul work, to be helping others with their soul work.
  • Positive aspects of these experiences for me include love, joy, humor, relief, self-care, tools, choices, and fabulous learning.
  • It is such a delight for me to watch people learn to access their own intuition and to manage their energy better.

It felt so good to remember these things! Following that writing exercise, I took my re-energized self, smiling, up the stairs to work in my studio. I don’t even remember any of the problems that needed solving.

Your turn:  What is one of your favorite experiences? What do you like about it? Why do you love it so much?


  1. I love your way of processing. It sounds so powerful and such a great shift in focus! Thank you for sharing, Janet!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..My Bliss ListMy Profile

  2. Janet, this is awesome the angle you chose to take a look at your back issue. Love how looking at problems differently often seems to resolve whatever could have easily been a longer term thing to deal with. Beautiful post.
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Comment on Serendipity is everywhere by SuzanneMy Profile

  3. Hi Janet! Really great idea – just shift the focus to the positive. I’ve been listening to a Joyce Meyer tape and she calls it magnifying the good. I am one of those people who over thinks everything. Well, since I can’t stop myself from thinking – I will just change it to thinking about the GOOD stuff!
    Anneri recently posted..Little Bliss List #5My Profile

    • Anneri, Hello! Exactly, if we’re going to have busy minds, let’s put them to work in ways that support us! Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I love this… my hope a little stir:)
    thank you,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..the music of me….My Profile


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