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Periodically, I share some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life:

  1. I had a “pioneer” healing session with a client last week. Oh, it was so interesting and amazing! We started with hands-on energy balancing on the massage table, and then moved up into my studio for “phase 2” of the session. I had 5 art quilts and one small painting fastened to my design wall. After looking at them, my client sat down and closed her eyes. I placed one art piece at a time on her lap. She experienced different, very specific sensations in and around her body with each art piece. Examples include clearing of her head/mind, a feeling of receiving the same benefits she feels when she gets a healing massage for headaches, and a sensation of floating. It was so clear to me that my art carries specific healing energies which can be activated at various times.
Breath of Life - Janet Hovde

Breath of Life – Janet Hovde

  1. I sold one of my small art quilts (above) and a small painting!
  2. I attended the wedding of my goddaughter. While we have had very little contact over the past 15 years, I recognized a kindred spirit when I read the bottom sentence on their formal wedding invitation: “The outdoor ceremony will be followed by a social hour, dinner, awkward but enthusiastic dancing and happily-ever-after.”  It was a beautiful celebration of love, and the dancing was noticeably enthusiastic (without being noticeably awkward).

How about you? What are the spiritual cookies in your life this past week? Click on the blue BLISS LIST circle in the sidebar or here to visit some cool blogs.


  1. Art is good for the soul. I believe that healing can come from within but mostly from above from our Father in Heaven.

  2. Ruth, I totally agree that healing is from God. And God has such an amazing variety of ways to deliver it! Thank you for visiting.

  3. Yay! Sold art pieces and a beautiful wedding sounds great!

  4. Oh I love your list. Your art is amazing and I love the one you picture here!! So many gifts in your week!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I live near Mt. Timpangoes in the rockies but that is not really where I picked my name. I was thinking of tin pan alley and it turned out timpanalley.
    Ruth recently posted..Last Bliss in JulyMy Profile

    • Ruth, I thought it was a riff on tin pan alley. It also reminds me of drums (tympani) and ear drum structures.. Just a very interesting name.

  6. Gorgeous post! Love that your work brings healing to others – I like to think that my work can do this too, and some have told me that they feel the energy. Keep working your magic!

  7. Lesley, Thank you! And yes, I can definitely feel the gorgeous energy or your gorgeous hand-made glass beads . . . so we’ll both keep on, keeping on . . .

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