Healing Arts

See About Me for information on Janet’s education and experience. Below are answers to questions you might have about Janet’s healing services.

What does a healing session look like?
Healing sessions look different for different clients, depending on their goals and the state of their energy system, and may also look different for the same client at different appointments, again depending on their goals and energy.

During a healing session, you will usually be lying on a massage table fully clothed. You choose whether to have extra covering (sheet or blanket); you choose whether to have relaxing music playing. You may close your eyes or watch the healer. You may feel the healer’s hands lightly placed over different areas of the body to balance your energy. You may see the healer move her hands through the energy field surrounding your body. You may feel warmth or tingling or movement of energy. You may fall asleep or into a deeply relaxed state. You may see colors or images or have thoughts or feelings. It is common for clients to feel relaxed, peaceful, and/or a sense of wonder.

Sometimes there is more interaction, with Janet helping you identify and release stuck energy.

How do people decide when to make an intuitive healing appointment?
Generally, people make a healing appointment when they want to feel better. They may be dealing with physical issues like pain, limited motion, or low energy. Or they may want help with anxiety, depression or the effects of grief. Or perhaps they want support in moving in a new direction in their personal habits, relationships, or career.

A person’s flow of energy may be blocked, stuck, leaking, deficient, or be spent nourishing institutions at the expense of one’s own energy. Hands-on and/or less visible forms of energy balancing often correct energy flow . . . and lead to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Identifying life priorities and aligning energy with those priorities produces surprising ease in creating sweet, joyful, delicious experiences.

Some of the categories for which clients make appointments are listed below:

Overwhelm: a person dealing with relationship issues, career issues, and personal issues, often all at the same time. Thoughts, emotions, and beliefs exist in energy form, and can clutter a person’s energy system, especially in times of upheaval and transition. This person benefits from “clean up,” balancing, and aligning their energy.

Pain: pain associated with allergies, headaches, fracture healing, plantar fasciitis, etc., have all been lessened through energy balancing.

Anxiety: Sensitivity—with or without conscious awareness– to family needs, relationship difficulties, work unrest, and global challenges may contribute to a “jangled” feeling. Clearing energy imbalances may bring back a sense of manageability.

Life Purpose: Whether a person is consciously aware of their life purpose(s), when one’s energy is aligned with his or her own life purpose, priorities become evident and decision-making becomes easier.

Client Testimonials

“The word that best describes Janet’s work is empowerment. I’ve never worked with another healer who teaches me a new way of thinking in the way that she does.”

                                                               “I feel a lot more like I inhabit my life as myself.”

Janet’s gifts are authentic and real for those who are open and willing to receive what she genuinely gives from her heart. She is a person who has the gift of connecting with a person’s soul. With her great love and gentleness, she raises your healing vibration to a level where your body automatically and miraculously begins to identify with the dis-ease in your body and begins to heal in a very loving and gentle way that leaves you in awe and amazement.

                                                            “I have a sense of the benevolence of the Universe.”

“That 5 or 6 minutes of work you did was way better than all those cortisone shots I had,” stated a drummer after wrist pain of 3 years duration, reported as a “4 out of 10” on a pain scale, was still gone a year after a brief session. Surgery had been recommended.

                                                                                 “I feel like my soul’s been fed.”

“After Janet Hovde worked on my wrist pain, it was worse the next day, and it’s been gone ever since.”

What kinds of goals and benefits do clients have?

  • Improved breathing after lung and sinus infection
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved concentration and clarity
  • Learning about my energy field and how to take care of it
  • Clear and balance my energy so I can make a decision about cutting my work hours to start a new business
  • Release patterns of feeling unwanted, undeserving, worthless
  • Child with Asperger’s syndrome being able to name physical discomfort rather than acting out
  • Relief from back pain, neck pain, headache, foot pain, fracture pain
  • Relationship improvement through releasing blocks and aligning with goals
  • Recovery from childhood trauma
  • Making peace with a deceased friend
  • Improved collaboration with family members and/or with business partners
  • Children’s improved sleep
  • Children’s improved behavior

What does a healing session cost?

• 60-minute session: $90

• 90-minute session: $135

• For established clients, phone or email energy balancing and/or consultation at $1.50/minute. These sessions are prepaid, with clients mailing me the amount of their choice to have “on account” for healing as they need it.

What if I need a tune-up but don’t have time for a full session?

Established clients are taking advantage of a new option of having money “on account” for mini-healing sessions. They send Janet the dollar amount of their choice, and call or email when they feel a need for healing work. A quick tune-up can easily be facilitated by phone or email. If Janet does 6 minutes of work, she subtracts $9 from their account, and tells them this while on the phone or in the email report she sends them. See the paragraph below for more information on this form of “distance healing.”

What if I don’t live near Janet’s Minnesota office? What is distant healing?

Healing sessions are available in person and by telephone appointment. You may or may not be familiar with what is called “distance healing” or “nonlocal healing.” An example is that Janet can facilitate healing work for you from her Minnesota office while you are in your home or office or on a beach in the Mediterranean. When you request healing, your energy system becomes accessible to Janet for clearing, balancing, aligning, etc. For Janet, this a parallel concept to prayer—she prays for people even if they don’t live in her city, state, or even country.

What is “family reunion healing”?

You, Janet’s clients, have taught her the benefit of healing for yourself and for your family, prior to reunions, weddings, and holiday gatherings. The way this has worked is that you, the individual, make an appointment for yourself. You receive the appropriate clearing, balancing, and aligning for your personal goals and to create the best possible group experience for yourself. Then, on an energy level, other family/group members are invited into alignment for the Highest Good.

Chakra clearing and balancing is provided for the individuals open to receiving it. Karmic patterns are cleared, allowing room for new, improved behaviors. And information is provided about the dynamics within the group, which can allow you to see things in a new way.

So, you, the individual, are the only one physically present for the “family reunion healing.” Your family members have the choice of whether to participate on an energy level. They may or may not be aware of these changes on a conscious level. You, the individual, decide how much to share with family members about this experience.