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So here is what I am noticing, by putting together my study of energy healing and observations of myself, clients and colleagues. Many (all?) of us have had particular deeply painful experiences, out of which comes a deep knowing about what we want to see happen, or at least what we want to see not happen again.

A woman who grew up in a household with alcoholic parents may have trouble believing she is wanted, anywhere.  A person with infertility longs for the option of having children. Another struggles to feel heard in her primary relationship.

At times this deep pain interferes with satisfying, joyful life today.  Feeling neglected and unwanted as a child, it is easy to feel neglected and unwanted as an adult—at school, at work, in social settings. When a pattern is causing pain, I often invite my client to join me in saying a prayer that ALL (anywhere in the world) who experience __________ (in this case, feeling neglected and unwanted), would receive what they need in this moment. The most lovely thing happens after that prayer.  Their chests feel lighter, and looser. They can breathe more deeply. And their core line of energy straightens up. They sit up straighter. They feel better.

We are all connected. We are not alone in our particular pain. If we pray for all who are experiencing our particular pain (parenting a child with special needs, unemployment, etc.), light is brought to so many around the world, including us.

Here, I’ll do an experiment: I pray for all of us/you, that we all might have exactly what we need in this moment. Take a big breath in, and exhale as long as you can. What do you notice?


  1. Prayer works wonders.
    Ruth recently posted..Little Bliss List – Nice WeatherMy Profile

  2. This is great, Janet. We ARE all connected and our pain contains the lessons we are here to learn. Usually the ones we wish we did not have to learn! I love your approach of focusing on helping others with similar issues. This goes a long way in sidestepping the blocks that most people create for themselves. If you focus on someone else, then you behave differently. Many times, we struggle to treat ourselves well.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Ease of ContentmentMy Profile

    • Amy, I agree! I appreciate your emphasis on sidestepping blocks. All too often, we think we have to engage with them . . . we DO have other choices of how we spend our energy.

  3. Loved it Janet. It’s so true how we are all ONE and what we feel is not just ours. I have often heard that what we go through may also very well be what mother earth may be going through herself as she is purging and being birthed into a new energy that is more love-based just as we are all doing the same, whether consciously or unconsciously. As we focus on personal healing and know that in the midst of doing so that we are also healing the world, that is profound. It always brings a warm feeling into my heart when I work on personal issues knowing that it may be helping someone else in the world. Blessings. xo
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Inspiring talk with Nick VujicicMy Profile

  4. What a wonderful post, Janet. We are all connected and, even though I know it, I am always surprised at how many around me have similar stories to mine. I love your prayer and breathwork. I could feel myself relaxing instantly.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Create a Vision Board for Business: Sunday Series, Post 3 of 3My Profile

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