Intuition and Sensitivity

Dear Janet is an advice column which incorporates intuitive feedback and energy healing for the original letter writer and for many readers. You may send your questions to Janet here. Names are changed to preserve privacy. The questions published in this column will be chosen intuitively, with the intention of answering those with the greatest benefit for the most readers. Because we are all connected, you can choose to receive healing at the same time as the letter writer. This advice offers an intuitive perspective regarding the “energy” of your life situations. It is not meant to displace conventional healthcare knowledge and diagnosis. You are encouraged to consult with medical and mental health professionals to support your physical, mental and emotional health.

Dear Janet: In a recent “Dear Janet” letter, I loved your line about being “sensitive to the voicelessness of others”. That sounds like me. I believe I have strong intuition, but am struggling to understand how to best manage that “gift”. I often process others’ emotions in my body and am having difficulty trying to just do “my” emotional/spiritual work. Other people’s baggage seems to keep jumping along for the ride. Is there information and/or healing available for me in this area? Lisa

Lisa, Yes. First, we say a prayer that all who suffer from voicelessness would receive what they need in this moment. This type of prayer invariably assists the pray-er directly, and then assists the pray-er again when others receive help, as the pray-er’s load is lightened. Often, in this situation, the person asking for help feels relief emotionally and may even feel a physical lightening of pressure in the upper chest area. My sense is that there are two other areas of “other people’s baggage” that really bother you. I invite you to identify them and apply the above prayer solution.

I’m also doing a bit of clearing for you at your throat chakra, and then I invite a surround of violet light to clear patterns that no longer serve you.

And the last step is for you to choose 3 words that you would like to describe your future experiences with your intuition. Some examples are “clarity,” “boundaried,” and “neutral.” See what feels like a fit for you. When you have identified your current 3 favorites, spend a little time playing with bringing these qualities into your core, where your energy has the opportunity to align with them. Let me know how it goes! Janet

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