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Dear Janet is an advice column which incorporates intuitive feedback and energy healing for the original letter writer and for many readers. You may send your questions to Janet here. The  questions published in this column will be chosen intuitively, with the  intention of answering those with the greatest benefit for the most readers. This advice offers an intuitive perspective regarding the “energy” of your life situations. It is not meant to displace conventional healthcare knowledge and diagnosis. You are encouraged to consult with medical and mental health professionals to support your physical, mental and emotional health.

Dear Janet: I seem to be at a crossroads in my life.  I have been working in a position for 7 years that pays my rent and allows me to have health care.  In addition, I have been developing my own massage business.  Recently, I have been receiving a consistent pull to quit my full time job and develop my business into my full time position.  However, the fear of being on my own without my salary from my full time job holds me back from making the final leap.

Further, I feel that my practice needs to evolve and include art therapy.  I would like to create a practice that offers massage and a place for people to do their artwork to improve their healing.

What are some things I can do to release my fear?  Are there other concerns that I am not identifying that are keeping me from spreading my wings in this way? Thank you. Catherine

Catherine,  When I look at your energy system related to the advice you are seeking, your current ability to ground your energy averages at 90% of what is needed for you to be successful in your current situation. If you choose full self-employment, your ability to ground your energy needs to be doubled in order for you to be successful. So, if you want improved grounding, choose to receive the balancing I am now facilitating: clearing cords at your midsection (where you engage in indirect, draining, energy interactions with others), balancing your throat chakra, bringing your hara line (a line of energy related to life purpose) into alignment with optimum grounding for both of your work scenarios. I invite you to notice the sweetness at the center of the Earth, and to choose to anchor your hara line in that sweetness. As you choose to repeatedly ground your hara line into the sweetness of the center of the Earth, there is nothing you need to do to release fear.

Your homework: Invite two of your current colleagues to experience the use of art as a part of their healing. This will help you to be clearer about the incorporation of art into your practice. Janet

Dear Janet:  I am fearful about making a change in my career path. How can I work past the fear in order to move forward? Cheryl

Cheryl, You are burdened by your sensitivity to the voicelessness of others. By asking that all with this issue receive exactly what they need in this moment, you may actually feel an ease in your breathing. This healing for “everybody” just facilitated by prayer allows the straightening and strengthening of your hara line in your torso.

Continue to visualize your new career in detail. In meditation or prayer, ask that your potential clients would assist you by seeking your services at crucial points in the creation of your new practice.

Praying for those people and animals you wish to help in the future, even before you make physical changes in your career, enables you to align with your future career. It also alerts your future clients to your serious intention to work with them. And, for you, it dissolves your fear so you no longer need to work past the fear.  Janet

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