Potent, Nurturing and Clear

Without Borderscopyright Janet Hovde

Without Borders
copyright Janet Hovde

I am sitting down to choose 3 words that I’d like to describe this coming week. Next Sunday, I’d like to look back on this week and say: Wow, my experiences this past week were certainly . . . potent . . . nurturing . . .  and clear.

Now I tuned into my core energy, plugging it into the center of the Earth, and following it up through the center of my body. Today my core energy is a lovely mix of golds and lavenders. I now invite my core energy to be aligned with the qualities of potent . . . nurturing . . .and clear. And so begins another life experiment.

Some of you have heard me talk about this energy process before. If you’d like more detail, see Energy Boost #2.

What 3 words would you like to describe your experiences this coming week? If you focused on your core energy, what color is it today? (looking beautiful, I must say!)


  1. Nurturing, flourishing and nourishing. 😀 Loved this.

  2. What a great idea. My three would be easy, inspired, focused. Colors are blue, teal and purple with a white light flowing between them.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Tips to Overnight SuccessMy Profile

  3. My 3 words to describe how I’d like to see my experiences this week would be:
    openness. creativity. connect.
    Great post Janet, thank you! 🙂
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Using numerology to guide you through lifeMy Profile

  4. My three words would be creating, learning, and teaching. Thanks for the post.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..Alien wordsMy Profile

  5. What a perfectly lovely practice Janet! The words I choose, and the energy I invoke are coherency, grace, and focus.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..Season of Peace 2013My Profile

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