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Radiant Health Blessing
Copyright 2014 Janet Hovde

In the last 3 weeks, 3 new cancer diagnoses popped up in our circle. One newly diagnosed person asked me about my experiences coping with cancer. I am still distilling my experiences, and it is helpful to reflect on what was and is helpful, to me and possibly to others.It was helpful to be told that this is my journey, and it is up to me who I share what with, when. It was helpful for me to ask my aunt to tell my brothers and sister about my diagnosis. It was helpful for me to give myself permission to call others less, allowing the space for them to initiate contact. And it was necessary for me to invest my energy in relationships that are mutually beneficial. (My old pattern: if I can be helpful to you, let’s be friends!  This pattern created codependent relationships that were not nourishing to me. A situation begging for a course correction, don’t you think?)

AND, with limited energy, it became obvious that I needed to connect with people who could see my wholeness, who could see me returning to health and vitality. I couldn’t afford to be with people who saw me as a suffering victim of a tragic illness. My haiku this week:

I return to my
Radiant core. I return
To my job, being.
 I am a walking,
Talking tuning fork, and I
Help you when I’m me.
I picture you whole.
I see your radiant health.
I love you. Love you.


How about you? What has been most helpful to you when you have dealt with health challenges and/or challenging life events? Leave a comment if you like. Or write a haiku about anything in your present moment. Share it here or savor it with your Self. Developing your “haiku muscle” will benefit you someday, I guarantee it!

Radiant Health Blessing Copyright 2014, Janet Hovde

Radiant Health Blessing
Copyright 2014, Janet Hovde

Oh, by the way, the art quilt featured twice today (18” x 24”) is an example of a piece made to support someone’s healing.  Do you like the horizontal or vertical orientation better? This piece is “stuffed” with healing energy! I do make this type of thing on commission.


  1. Welcome back Janet! Sounds like you are practicing good self-care. I like the way you’ve allowed yourself to pull back in some relationships, leaving space for friends to reach out to you. One of the questions I ask myself regarding relationships is the following: Is this an energy giving relationship or is this an energy draining relationship? I have received great clarity from this simple exercise.
    Nancy Jambor recently posted..Loving My Life!My Profile

  2. Janet – Glad you are RADIANTLY HEALTHY and it’s good to see you back again!
    Your quilt is amazing. I like horizontal, because I see the blue and yellow on the bottom are water and waves, then the purple and blue arches as the moon in the horizon and the smaller blue as the sun. So, what was your thought when creating it?
    Cindy Mihalko recently posted..Bridal Shower Gift IdeasMy Profile

    • Cindy, thank you! When I made the quilt, it was with the horizontal orientation you like. After a friend pointed out that the design is balanced enough to work in all 4 directions, I found that I liked the different feel that comes with each change in orientation.

  3. Welcome back Janet! Yes to your comment to the importance of connecting with people who only saw your wholeness. I felt the same shortly after my husband died. It was suffocating being with people who continuously saw me as only a suffering victim of widowhood. Ugh.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted..My Favourite Way To ExerciseMy Profile

  4. The quilt is wonderful….which every way you display it.

    What has helped me in my times of great pain….has always been this simple phrase…”Let Go and Let God”. I’ve come back to it many times in my life and each time it gives me a great sense of peace…..
    Debbie Goode recently posted..An Introduction….My Profile

  5. Janet, I have no words. You are simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Janet,
    It is just simply wonderful to see you back and RADIANT! I am in awe of your strength, poetry and artwork. Wonderful!
    Oh, and I like the vertical format.
    Sue recently posted..Comment on Are you Normal? by SueMy Profile

  7. Welcome back! Definitely important to hang out with supportive, encouraging, loving people who see you as a radiant light. Walks in nature and my artwork are my go-tos. Then, of course, always my husband and my cats.
    Linda Watson recently posted..Original UnityMy Profile

  8. Hi Janet! It’s so wonderful to see you posting again! I love the quilt art horizontally. At first, I couldn’t even imagine it non-vertical. Vertical seemed just right. But then I lingered over the horizontal image and that’s just what I saw — a horizon, the sea, the moon, and the moonbow glowing around her.

    I see you radiantly healthy. I know that is the truth of who you are, and of all of us, that we are brilliant and whole and well. Let’s know this truth together.
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..Sneaky Kitty Gets the Treats: a new teeny-tiny kitty painting!My Profile

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