The Key

The Key, a show of my art and haiku, includes almost 50 large and small hand-dyed fabric art pieces. The exhibit is up from September through December, at Gilda’s Club, a cancer resource center at 10560 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305. There is an artist’s talk, open to the public, on Wed., October 12, 6:30-8:00 […]

Choice-ful Spiritual Cookies

I’ve had a rough week . . . and a wonderful week. Sifting through the past 7 days, I’ve decided to share with you some of the bits of gold . . . which I might also call spiritual cookies. For more information about spiritual cookies, see my first, most popular blog post.  You may […]

From Mountains to Molehills

I am skilled at “making mountains out of molehills.” It is the reverse with which I have needed practice. I know many of you who read this are gifted with extra emotional sensitivity. (I also know it doesn’t always feel like a gift.) So I thought I would share (again) one of my favorite tools for […]

Clearly, Successful!

I went to see a healer recently, and I am still recovering. She had comments about how I could improve on everything. With catch-22’s. For example, if I said I was weeding and biking rather than going to the gym the past few weeks, she said the gym would be better. If I said I […]

Breaking an old “rule”

When my daughters were young children heading out the door with friends, or I was leaving them at daycare, I often told them in a pseudo-stern voice, “Now remember . . . don’t have too much fun!” Oh, their friends thought this was hysterical. (I mentioned, didn’t I, that they were quite young?) Well, I […]

Going with the flow

In college our Ballroom Dancing instructor taught us the “Hesitation Step,” which was a sort of shuffling back and forth to keep the flow of a dance going if you forgot a step or were in a tight corner or on a crowded dance floor. It kept you moving and prevented you from getting into […]

Transitioning into Spring

Years ago, at this time of the year, our neighbor would take his snow shovel into his north-facing (slower to melt) front yard and start spreading out the snow to make it melt faster.  It can be hard to deal with snow and cold day after day at this time of the year. On a recent trip “up […]

Making Art

Art is play for me—play with images, textures, colors, energy, healing, and intuition. It is hard for me to speak separately about my art process and my work as a healer because they are inseparable to me. This year I celebrate 15 years in my intuitive energy healing practice. My intention is that my art […]


  A photo of one of my art pieces was included in today’s Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Although the photo only appears in the paper copy, here is a link to the online article, which gives information about shows and events surrounding the 40th anniversary celebration of WARM.  I’ll share with you […]

Colorful – Spiritual Cookies

Every once in a while, I share my spiritual cookies with you. Today, I am SO happy to live in a world of color.  One of my current favorite things is the jumbled pile of fabric scraps in my studio, which includes a few commercial fabrics and many that I dyed myself. I’m still quite […]