I Have a Dream

Take a look at the photo on the left. Click on it to see a bigger version. Do you see any images in it? This is a detail shot of a hand-dyed pillowcase, which is now headed to my soon-to-be Etsy store. I delight in the surprises inherent in hand dyeing fabric. I did not […]

Grief and Energy Self Care – Heart Replenishment – part 1 of 3

Loss is a part of the human experience. Loss and the resulting grief process have an impact on your energy system. In my personal growth and in my work with clients and students, I have identified three common ways that people are affected energetically by grief. I find it most effective to start by addressing […]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award, aka 7 new facts about me

Writing a blog is still quite a new process for me, with sweet surprises on a regular basis. I’ll catch myself saying, “my friend from Canada” or “a woman in California” or “a blogger from India said . . .” I feel connected to women around the world through blogging and Facebook learning communities. Well, […]

Intuition and Sensitivity

Dear Janet is an advice column which incorporates intuitive feedback and energy healing for the original letter writer and for many readers. You may send your questions to Janet here. Names are changed to preserve privacy. The questions published in this column will be chosen intuitively, with the intention of answering those with the greatest benefit for the most readers. Because […]

Spiritual Cookies

Periodically, I’m going to tell you about the spiritual cookies in my life. This past week, here are some of them: I worked with my first client in Alaska! And in Finland! No, I haven’t left Minnesota. I’m offering 15 minutes of free distance healing (by phone or email) to the first person I work […]