Our cells are obedient!

I am beautiful. I am safe. I am safe. I have choices in every moment. I fully reside in my body. I am joyful. I am clear. I am carefree. I belong. Last week, I spent 3 ½ days in the Art as Journey class at Grand Marais Art Colony on the north shore of […]

New website gallery

Success! With the help of another blogger and with the help of my great photographer, I was able to add another gallery to my website. You may have seen my gallery of fiber art—now you can see a gallery of my paintings. When I paint, I first align my energy with a particular quality. And […]

Potent, Nurturing and Clear

I am sitting down to choose 3 words that I’d like to describe this coming week. Next Sunday, I’d like to look back on this week and say: Wow, my experiences this past week were certainly . . . potent . . . nurturing . . .  and clear. Now I tuned into my core […]

Grief and Energy Self Care – Replenishment of Chakras and Aura – part 3 of 3

In the last two posts, I shared ideas about replenishing your heart chakra and about grounding your energy. Today, I’m going to talk about a third common way that grief may impact your energy system, and how to care for yourself in this area. The third common effect is this: depletion of all your chakras and depletion […]

Grief and Energy Self Care – Grounding – part 2 of 3

Last week, I gave you ideas about how to replenish your heart chakra. Today, I’m going to talk about another common way your energy system may be affected by grief, and how to care for yourself in this area. You may find it difficult to remain fully grounded when you lose a partner, a parent, […]

Grief and Energy Self Care – Heart Replenishment – part 1 of 3

Loss is a part of the human experience. Loss and the resulting grief process have an impact on your energy system. In my personal growth and in my work with clients and students, I have identified three common ways that people are affected energetically by grief. I find it most effective to start by addressing […]

Energy Boost #2

  Last week, I shared how I boosted my energy by choosing where to focus my thoughts. This week, I will share one way to work with your hara line, which can also have a significant impact on your energy level. The hara line is a line of energy, light, and intention that is a quantum […]

Energy Boost

Low energy? What to do? I’ve had some challenging days this week, with significant low back discomfort.  I have more compassion for people who live with chronic pain. I am not experiencing a high level of pain, but I notice a lower energy level that accompanies the discomfort. I’ve gotten some good care for it, […]