Breaking an old “rule”

When my daughters were young children heading out the door with friends, or I was leaving them at daycare, I often told them in a pseudo-stern voice, “Now remember . . . don’t have too much fun!” Oh, their friends thought this was hysterical. (I mentioned, didn’t I, that they were quite young?) Well, I […]

Going with the flow

In college our Ballroom Dancing instructor taught us the “Hesitation Step,” which was a sort of shuffling back and forth to keep the flow of a dance going if you forgot a step or were in a tight corner or on a crowded dance floor. It kept you moving and prevented you from getting into […]

How are you in the cosmos?

We went to a very enjoyable Gordon Bok (folk music) concert last night. We met a long-time friend there, and when we did the “how are you?” catching up, this is what he said: I used to say I have good days and bad days—ups and downs–but I decided I’m not going to do that […]


This week, I started using Grateful 160. I had a choice of whether to sign up for text messages or emails, up to 4 times a day. I signed up for 2 email messages a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These “thanks reminders” ask me “what are you grateful for?” When […]