Healer Becomes Heal-ee

Love Copyright 2013, Janet Hovde On May 14, 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was followed by surgery, chemotherapy, reconstruction, occupational and physical therapy, etc. It has been a ridiculously hard process.  And I found out that I am deeply loved by so many people—who knew!  I have another surgery next week, which […]

Grief and Energy Self Care – Replenishment of Chakras and Aura – part 3 of 3

In the last two posts, I shared ideas about replenishing your heart chakra and about grounding your energy. Today, I’m going to talk about a third common way that grief may impact your energy system, and how to care for yourself in this area. The third common effect is this: depletion of all your chakras and depletion […]

Acting AS IF

I’m acting AS IF I know how to write a blog post. I’m tempted to tell you all the reasons it’s NOT a good idea for me to do this (my Scorpio need for secrecy, growing up invisible, etc.), but instead . . . This blog is about the art of living. I am a […]