Making My Mark — or Not

I work with an art mentor about once a month. Last time I shared my pocket sketchbook with her. One of the things I treasure is her extensive vocabulary regarding art. It helps me to look more specifically and to see more deeply. She said I have a good selection process (in terms of line) […]

New website gallery

Success! With the help of another blogger and with the help of my great photographer, I was able to add another gallery to my website. You may have seen my gallery of fiber art—now you can see a gallery of my paintings. When I paint, I first align my energy with a particular quality. And […]

I Choose

A year ago, I had two amazing experiences within 2 days. I had an astrology reading by Pat Kaluza, which was so affirming and enlightening, and filled with food for thought. The following day I met with my art mentor, a monthly event that packs in learning on so many levels: art technique, art history, […]

Non-Fattening – Spiritual Cookies

Guess what! My website spam filter found a how-to-lose-weight-fast email trying to sneak in—I think it may have been triggered by the word “cookies” in my blog posts. They must not know about the calorie-free spiritual cookies which I periodically share in my blog! I have so many to share this week: Cookie #1: My […]

Creative – Spiritual Cookies

My spiritual cookies this week relate to creative activity. First, here is one of my paintings in the Balance series: Second, I’m updating a fiber art piece I made last year, which relates to illumination, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. (I’ll add the whole piece to my gallery when it is fully revised): Third, I am […]

Sun-warmed – Spiritual Cookies

Today, I am again sharing some of the “spiritual cookies” in my life. This week, they include: A living room full of beautiful women in a Soulful Living session. They were fine-tuning their intuition by learning to prepare their personal energy fields and by identifying how their bodies tell them “yes” and tell them “no.” […]

Does the heart need boundaries?

Does the heart need boundaries? This is the question that “popped in” upon my awakening today. This is one of the times of the day, and the ways, in which my intuition works. And then . . . surprise! I had an email awaiting me which gave me the opportunity to explore (ouch!) the question […]

Acting AS IF

I’m acting AS IF I know how to write a blog post. I’m tempted to tell you all the reasons it’s NOT a good idea for me to do this (my Scorpio need for secrecy, growing up invisible, etc.), but instead . . . This blog is about the art of living. I am a […]