We Are Always Manifesting

Raw Beauty, Detail 2 Copyright 2014 by Janet Hovde

Raw Beauty, Detail 2
Copyright 2014 by Janet Hovde

As I explored the concept of manifesting, I wondered if the dictionary has caught up to the common use of this term in my circles. The definition on www.dictionary.com that most closely matches my idea of manifestation is “to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly: He manifested his approval with a hearty laugh.” 

We are always manifesting. We are always attracting and creating experiences that match our thoughts, feelings, and energy. What does that mean? A couple of examples:

If I look good, people will love me, call me, hire me, and buy my art. If I look good, I will be able to prevent loneliness, isolation, financial struggles, artistic failure, etc. Aside from the whole fallacy of controlling others and controlling outcomes by some arbitrary self-expectations, there is a problem with this way of living. The Universe hears Loneliness, Struggles, and Failure—and as my being projects the energy or vibration of loneliness, struggles, failure—this is matched by the experiences that are attracted to my energy. So that is one example of manifestation at work.

Another example:

Let’s say I have an upcoming trip, and I am concerned about having enough energy for lots of walking and sightseeing. “I love myself,” I decide. Maybe, I’m thinking, it’s possible what I feel about this trip is not anxiety but excitement. How might I build up my warm feelings about this future experience? I can look at photos from a previous trip. I can imagine myself laughing with our hosts. I can see myself holding hands with my husband, exploring new interesting places. I can feel how good it is to walk with energy and flexibility and strength. The Universe hears Excitement, Laughter, Intimacy, Energy, Flexibility and Strength. And what I notice as I build warm feelings about this future experience is that the phone rings, I feel loved, I feel healthy. I feel better now, and it is easier for me to make healthy decisions for myself today—which supports my future experience.

You are always manifesting. What are you manifesting today?


  1. I know you are so right that we attract what we think about. I’m pretending that I have loads of free time so maybe I will!
    Naomi recently posted..We can’t do it all… at onceMy Profile

  2. Love your thoughts on this Janet. I like to think we’re transmitters, always broadcasting energy signatures (and hopefully always in alignment with who we truly are). In response those energies and vibrations that are in resonance with our energy finds us. What we manifest is a clear response to what energy we put out there.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..Sacred Beginnings: Presence, Tenderness, ConfidenceMy Profile

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views on manifesting Janet. I’ve had a not so fun challenging year. I have not been in a manifesting place at all I thought, but what I have noticed is that so much good keeps coming my way, it’s beyond unbelievable at times. It comes from people I have never met who would offer me exactly what I seemed to need that day or at that time, to so many free online eCourses I was gifted, and so much more. There’s been so many incredibly positive things that I believe came because I needed the help to begin shifting some energy I was stuck in and experiencing. So somewhere in my vibrations something must be on track because I keep attracting exactly what I need. When I do attract something I not only add those things to a gratitude list on my fridge, but I pause, offer gratitude in prayer as well I feel the intense gratitude in my heart for that person’s help or gift and send them Blessings!! 🙂
    Suzanne recently posted..Advocating… and the results!My Profile

  4. Manifesting fascinates me. What am I manifesting and what might others be manifesting that happens to intersect with me? I also sometimes confuse emotions like excited and anxious or sad and tired. Mostly I just notice when I’m feeling restricted and do what I can to open my energy.
    Linda Watson recently posted..SuburbiaMy Profile

  5. Great post. I manifest all the time. I think we all do whether we are aware of it or not, automatically as a part of being human. The key is to harness that ability for optimal results. Your second example demonstrates that well!
    PR Brady recently posted..Buddy—A Series Of Adventures—One White BoxMy Profile

  6. The dictionary definition takes the mystery out of manifesting and makes it a valuably ordinary activity. Thanks for sharing your examples that show how I can choose and change the way I manifest actively.
    Heather Koshiol recently posted..Share: My Vintage Vision MapMy Profile

  7. Vickie Martin Conison says:

    I have been a little confused about what manifasting really means – so thanks for this – it puts it all in perspective. And it is so important to visualize these positive things manifesting in our lives – I think I’ll manifest more energy – and a good nights sleep for starters!

  8. Great post Janet! What I think about, I talk about, what I talk about, I bring about. I heard this over 35 years ago and have never forgotten it. I am manifesting Abundance in my life today!
    Nancy Jambor recently posted..Creativity is Our True NatureMy Profile

  9. Janet, this post caught me at the moment you thought, “I love myself.”

    Years ago, I gave myself symptoms of carpal tunnel by working hard at a tech job that didn’t suit me. Without the use of my hands, I felt paralyzed and helpless.

    My husband asked a friend, who was a spiritual teacher, for guidance on healing my wrists. The advice she gave: Tell your wrists how much you love them. Say again and again, “I love you.” Speak to them as children you love. Touch them with love and kindness.

    The result: My wrists healed in record time with no surgery, drugs, or other intervention. Within a year, I had left that job, and we were in transition to the new life we now love today.

    This was my first conscious experience with mind-body healing, and it was powerful. The lesson will last me my whole life long.

    May you know the love that heals within you. ♥
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..Come, Autumn. Come, Harvest. Come, Joy.My Profile

  10. It seems sometimes that asking for something that is needed brings about its opposite. I ask for more money and what shows up is that I am lacking money. I ask for a new car and what shows up is that my car is insufficient. I think this is the challenge in this whole manifestation movement. I think that Suzanne has the right idea. What am I grateful for right now? What in my life is working? When I focus on that, it brings more of the same. It is difficult to not focus on something that is such a huge part of your life. If your health is not good, how can you NOT think about it? If your finances are in shambles, it takes over your mind. It takes a strong will to focus on what is going well.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..I Ching Hexagram #13: KindredMy Profile

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