What’s so funny about having cancer?

I Choose, detail Copyright 2012 Janet Hovde

I Choose, detail
Copyright 2012 Janet Hovde

The diagnosis of breast cancer last May brought me deeper into my body and into my present. Wide awake, I’ve been able to be an observer of myself and those who are with me in my treatment experiences. Not only is laughter good medicine, but there really is a lot of funny business in the present moment:


I married well, see:

Oncology visit done,

We laugh together.


First meal out after

Surgery. Bandage on the floor?

Just keep on walking.


Jehovah’s Witness

Knew I was getting treatment.

Huh? Oh, my bald head.


I am loving YOUR haiku—thank you so much for sharing them. As always, I invite you to comment and/or to write your own haiku (3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) about the topic of your choice. Don’t worry if your syllable count is off. Mine is not always accurate, and some of the literature about haiku is not fussy about the number of syllables.

See Healer Becomes Heal-ee for more information about using this form of poetry to process my breast cancer recovery.



  1. Can’t say I have anything to add…but am definitely enjoying and chuckling right along with you. It really is good to laugh!!!

  2. Laughter bubbles up
    Cracks open the heart and then
    Deep breath all is well.

    Wishing you much laughter Janet and much loving support.

  3. Amazing insights about how the cancer brought you deeper into your body and into your present Janet. It’s so welcoming to see you back blogging, doing well and laughing. xo
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