Breaking an old “rule”

More Gratitude Copyright 2013 Janet Hovde

More Gratitude
Copyright 2013 Janet Hovde

When my daughters were young children heading out the door with friends, or I was leaving them at daycare, I often told them in a pseudo-stern voice, “Now remember . . . don’t have too much fun!” Oh, their friends thought this was hysterical. (I mentioned, didn’t I, that they were quite young?) Well, I am here to report that I am happily breaking my own “rule.” I am having too much fun.I am so grateful for new healing clients on my schedule and for doing more phone appointments. I am also grateful for the space, time and inspiration to continue to create art.  And for students who are interested in the “big stuff” like what is my life purpose? And how can I do my deepest healing? And now that my biggest blocks are dissolving, where do I invest my energy? 

More and more, I am feeling nestled in the sacred community of deepening relationships with people who love all the parts of me.  One of the places I get to experience this is in my living room with our Soulful Living class. My students are interested in deep healing; they are interested in improving their intuition; and they are exquisitely respectful of each others’ journeys. It is so joyful for me to witness their growth, to grow along with them, and to offer our energies together to support everybody else in the world.

Following my intuition, next month begins a new group series, Soulful Living Room. We will be meeting three times a month (2 Tuesday evenings and one Saturday morning), beginning and closing our sessions with guided healing and intuitive work. And in the middle, there will be art and writing activities. And we will be outdoors as much as possible, yay! Let me know if you are interested in being a part of this experience. I am happy to help you determine if the group is a good fit and whether the timing is right for you.

And don’t forget, the MOST important thing: “Now remember . . . don’t have too much fun!”* How about you, where is your intuition leading you this summer?



  1. LOL – What a wonderful rule to break Janet! And your classes/community sound wonderful. There is so much magic that happens when we hold each other in sacred space.

    I love the new piece in your Gratitude series – it’s really fun to see what you’re up to.

  2. I KNEW you were a rebel! Way to go. When my youngest leaves to go hang out with her friends, our thing is “remember the 3 b’s”…be safe, behave, be good.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Alternative to Broken Link Checker PluginMy Profile

  3. Hi Janet,

    That class sounds great. How wonderful to spend your time doing the work you love. What a great gift.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Gearing Up & Starting OverMy Profile

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