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Who brings out the best in you? And why?

Think about 2 people with whom you are your kindest, brightest, funniest, best self. Describe them.

For me, the first is a friend in the art quilting world. She is open-minded, free to explore, interested in learning and figuring things out. She brings curiosity to the table. (My husband, with years of training experience, says one of the biggest barriers to learning is “knowing.” For example, if I believe I know the answer and already have the correct view, I am less attentive to what I am being told or shown.)

The second friend who comes to mind shares many of my experiences as a healer. She sees me fully, loves me, is kind always, and wants me to be happy.

In different ways, these two people take responsibility for themselves and for their own well-being. It is easy to have clean boundaries with both of them.

I really want to know. Who brings out the best in you? And why?


  1. Janet, you have given me food for thought here. I will have to ponder that question as I go out in the forest for a walk shortly. 🙂
    Suzanne McRae recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving – We’re Here!!My Profile

    • Suzanne, Sounds like you know the places that bring out the best in you! I enjoyed hearing about your Canadian Thanksgiving, too!

      • Janet, I didn’t end up going for a walk in the forest after all yesterday… we ended up at my parents home to drop something off… and they had just returned home for one final season of camping after 18 years they were hanging up their camping hat.

        I ended up going for a walk with my sister and her dog. I would have to say that she is one of the people who brings out the best in me… she is so soft, gentle and caring. Also I’d have to say that my daughter helps bring out the best in me. She sees things that I can’t even see in my self. She’s a guiding light that shines brightly so I can find my way. Having these two amazing yet different woman in my life truly makes my life that much brighter. Thank you again for this blog post it allowed me time to reflect on such a question.

        Thank you for dropping by to visit and read my Thanksgiving blog post. 😉
        Suzanne McRae recently posted..When something just doesn’t measure up!My Profile

        • Suzanne, I am happy for your richness in the softness and brightness of the women in your life. Thank you for sharing your sweet relationships.

  2. That is such a great question. I think I’d have to say my mom does. I never feel judged by her. I always feel supported by her. I know she wants nothing more than me to be happy and successful. She makes me want to be a better person.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..4 Steps to a Prosperity MindsetMy Profile

  3. Michele, Yay for you & your Mom!

  4. As I read your post a tear rolled down my face. I’m not sure I have an answer to that question. I will think on it
    Sue recently posted..BlissfulnessMy Profile

    • It sounds like an important question for you, Sue. Blessings to you in your thinking time. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. One person who brings out the best in me is my wonderful husband Mike. He encourges me in all areas of my life and is my biggest advocate. Today I was in Maplewood seeing my doctor for a procedure I need to go through, but don’t enjoy. My husband came with me for support and then took me to Baker’s Square for breakfast (and free pie!). Afterwards he asked if I wanted to check out a quilt store he had spied on one of his trips to the are. We stopped by Twin Cities quilters and I fell in love!. The colors and patterns were a balm for my soul. spmething interesting came up as I was chatting with the owner…I mentioned I have been taking classes from Janet Hovde and she siad, ” did you see the woman who was leaving as you came in? She just bought some fat qurters for a class with janet Hovde”. I thought that was interesting, but I told her I take classes in expanding my energy, not quilting, but I know she does both. So I would have to say that you, Janet, are also someone who is helping me to bring out the best in myself.

  6. Kim, Wow! I am glad for you (and for Mike, too!) I am also blessed in my choice of husband. And what a coincidence(!) that you’d be crossing paths with another art quilter/student/client of mine at the fabulous Twin Cities Quilting store. I have taught a few small classes about art-healing-quilt-intuition, though currently I am working one-on-one in this area. And thank you for your kind words about me, Kim. I would have to say that the Soulful Living group is near and dear to my heart, and also brings out the best in ME.

  7. What a sweet article. I am super blessed with some great people in my life. It would be hard to pick just two! Each friend has different qualities that I adore. My husband is very supportive of me and my daughter is always so loving. I appreciate the suggestion to ponder this!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Study of Awareness: Part 3My Profile

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