Dear Grace . . . Dear Janet

Dear Grace . . . Dear Janet

“What if there was a Dear Abby to answer questions, with an advice columnist who could intuitively access answers specific to the letter writer? One who could provide distance healing? And provide education on self care of the human energy system?” These questions crossed my mind as I folded my newspaper for recycling. Hours later, “Dear Grace” was born. My intuitive advice column was first printed in April 2010 in, a wonderful publication founded by two sisters. Grace is the name I chose for the column because my name, Janet, means “God is Gracious” or “God’s gracious gift” or simply “Grace.” The column ran for a year in Essential Wellness, and was then transferred to my website. As I begin this new venture of writing a blog, I will be reprinting previous Dear Grace letters, and adding in new ones as they come in. To send in your own letter, see the bottom of this post. Dear Grace will now be offered as Dear Janet.

Dear Janet:I have a sharp pain in my midsection on the right side. My CAT scan in December was negative. Right now it’s a dull ache. Is there anything that can be done to improve it? Gwen

Gwen, On an energy level, there are adhesions from past life traumas in this area of your body. I want you to open the chakras (energy centers) on the bottom of your feet. You can do this by picturing an opening, or by inviting an opening. I am clearing energies to help them to open easily. Now imagine that any stuck energies are flowing down your body and out your feet, to be recycled into the Earth. As you do that, I am inviting the stuck energies to dissolve and release.  Now you might be noticing a sharp feeling in your abdomen. There are past life experiences of spear injuries surfacing. Notice the openings on the bottom of your feet again, allowing these energies to also dissolve and release. If you would like to continue your healing, your “homework” is to release excess energies through your feet once a day. Good times to do this are when leaving work or before going to bed. Janet

Dear Janet: Will my boyfriend and I get married? Is he the one? Wondering

Dear Wondering, I don’t know. The focus of my work is on the present state of your energy system. When I know what your goal is, I can check to see if it is in your Highest Good. If it is, we can work together to align your energy with the goal and identify whether there are “next steps” for you to take. Janet

Dear Janet: What kinds of questions might I ask you? Linda

Linda, That is a good question! Start by asking yourself this: if anything were possible, what would I like? It might be improved shoulder or neck motion, or relief from pain. It might be freedom from thinking and worrying about the same situation again and again. It might be the cessation of panic attacks. It might be improved focus and the ability to finish tasks . . . And once the question is asked, distance healing can be provided, and your energy starts to align with your stated goal. You will likely be given homework to anchor in your changes. And—surprise!—the homework is likely to be useful to others in their situations. Names will be changed to preserve privacy. Janet

You may send your questions to Janet on the contact page. The questions published in this column will be chosen intuitively, with the intention of answering those with the greatest benefit for the most readers. This advice offers an intuitive perspective regarding the “energy” of your life situations. It is not meant to displace conventional healthcare knowledge and diagnosis. You are encouraged to consult with medical and mental health professionals to support your physical, mental and emotional health.


  1. Way to go Janet! Good job. You are allowing more people to see how amazing you are.

  2. Carol, Thank you for your support. Some days, a cheerleading friend is JUST the thing!

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